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NFL sanctions the San Francisco 49ers ahead of the 2024 Draft

Updated: Apr 26

The Gambusinos had a series of irregularities in their accounting

The San Francisco 49ers continue to be bad and bad, not only for falling in overtime in Super Bowl LVIII against the Kansas City Chiefs, now the NFL sanctioned them for an administrative error, which will affect them in the 2025 draft.

ESPN reported that after detecting errors in the 49ers' accounting and payroll, the NFL penalized the Gambosinos with four spots for the 2024 Draft , dropping them from 131st to 135th overall.

" The NFL determined that the club would have remained below the salary cap at all times, regardless of the error, and there was no intention to circumvent the salary cap. "

Likewise, the league informed the 49ers that they will have to give up their fifth-round pick in the 2025 Draft.

The NFL indicated that after a review of the reports provided by the 32 teams, it detected accounting errors in San Francisco in its payroll at the end of the league's 2022 operating year, resulting in errors in the reporting of accumulated compensation for players. .

Saint Francis recognizes his mistake and accepts his punishment

The San Francisco 49ers responded to the disciplinary measures imposed by the NFL, something to which the Californian team did not appeal and accepted the league's punishment against them.

" We take responsibility and accept the disciplinary measure imposed by the NFL due to an administrative error in the payroll "

The Gambusinos have experienced intense weeks after losing in the Super Bowl, and they began to work on strengthening their coaching staff.

" At no time did we deceive or defraud the league, nor did we obtain a competitive advantage in connection with the payroll accounting error "

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